Negotiations 301

February 22, 2022 01:15PM to 5:00PM


Negotiations 301: (1:15PM – 5:00PM) 

In this 3.7- hour class, agents will be exposed to negotiating in a seller’s market. Markets shift and so should the agent’s response. When the market is flooded with competing buyers, the seller feels like they are in control. Many times, buyers feel helpless and think the offering price is their only negotiating tool. Well-trained associates can position their clients offers in a manner to get a win-win solution for all and not rely only on price. 
Learning objectives:
Learn what is important to the parties in a purchase/sale. 
Understand the client’s positions.
Create a win-win solution. 
1:15PM - 5:00PM via Zoom
Instructor: Mike Brennan, MN Realty School
North Dakota residents will receive 3 hours continuing education
Minnesota residents will receive 3.75 hours continuing education
Course prices will increate by $10 at Noon on Friday, February 18th.  
Refund Policy:  Full refund (less $10 processing fee) may be returned only if notice of cancellation is submitted in writing to FM REALTORS five business days prior to class or event. NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS THEREAFTER.  Email refund request to or mail to 1535 42nd St S, Ste 300, Fargo, ND 58103. 

Registration Fee: $40