RPAC Bowling/Bean Bag Tournament

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 11:00am
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Day of Fun at Sunset Lanes:  

Only FM REALTORS dues-paying members (REALTORS and Business Partners) are allowed to participate - no exceptions. 
First Come/First Serve

Captains - Payment for your entire team and a team roster must be received at the Association Office by 4:30pm on January 31st. Your team spot will be released on February 1st if not received.  Cancellations will be accepted until 4:30PM on January 31st.  Any cancellations after January 31st will be an investment in RPAC or Issues Mobilization. 

Cash or checks only. 
REALTORS - can write a check payable to RPAC (personal check only) or Issues Mobilization (personal or business).
Business Partners -  can write a check (personal or business) payable to Issues Mobilization.

Bowling Tournament:  Teams of 6 bowlers each. $35 per person for a total of $210/team
Bean Bag Tournament: Teams of 2. $35 per person for a total of $70/team

Contact the Association Office if you have not received your registration link.