Important documents you will need to find before buying a house

by Amber Carlton, 2022 FMR President Elect  |  31 Mar, 2022

 It takes an absolute mountain of paperwork to buy a home. And before you start looking for your dream home, it’s important to know everything you’ll need. From applying for your loan to the final closing paperwork – here’s the complete list of everything you’ll need to buy a home.

Before You Get Started 
Take a look at your credit score and see where you stand. Your credit score will have a massive impact on your ability to obtain financing, so it's important to know where you stand before even starting the process. 
Documents Needed For Your Lender 
Pay Stubs 
Proof of Employment 
Employer Contact Information 
Tax Documents (Usually 2 Years) 
Bank Statements 
Business Documents 
Debt Information 
Residential History 
Proof of Additional Income 
Stocks, Bonds, and Savings Statements 
Earnest Money Source 
Pre-Approval Letter 
Getting your pre-approval letter is one of the first steps in the home-buying process. The pre-approval letter provides you with preliminary approval for a set amount of financing for your home. 
Buyer's Forms 
Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer Agreement 
Buyer Disclosure 
Buyer Release Form 
Purchase Agreement 
Buyer Compensation Disclosure 
Wire Fraud Advisory Form 
Seller Property Disclosure 
Lead-Based Paint Disclosure (If the home was built in 1978 or before) 
Well & Subsurface Disclosures (Usually rural or lake homes) 
Contingency Addendum (If you have a home, you have to sell before you buy) 
Title Company 
The title company is hard at work behind the scenes. While your lender is securing your financing and your REALTOR® is working through all other contingencies in your purchase agreement, the title company has its own attorneys reviewing your abstract to ensure you get a free and clear title. 
On your closing day, you will meet your closing agent from the title company, who will walk you through a substantial pile of paperwork. You will be signing your deed, mortgage, closing disclosure, note, and several other documents. After you finish signing this mountain of paperwork, you get the keys to your new home, making it all worth it! 
Trust Your REALTOR® 
The good news is that buyers don't need to worry about every single document. Your REALTOR® will handle most of it for you. 
Amber Carlton
President Elect, FM Realtors®
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

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