An article about why to use a realtor.

by FM REALTORS®  |  22 Dec, 2021

There are numerous good reasons about why to use a REALTOR®. Here at the FM REALTORS® we thought we would remind both the general public and our outstanding REALTORS® about why it is so important and beneficial to use one when selling or buying a home or commercial property.


  • Buying or Selling a home is simplified when you team up with a REALTOR®.
  • REALTORS® are real estate SPECIALISTS. They know the current market inside and out.
  • They provide REAL TIME accurate home information, information you don't have access to.
  • They have the MLS INVENTORY, including all local real estate companies and builders.
  • REALTORS® are NEGOTIATORS, getting the best value for you.
  • They lower your RISK. They can make recommendations that will assure you are buying a home that is safe, sound, and priced fairly.
  • REALTORS are a huge RESOURCE. They can recommend specialists such as inspectors, roofers, electricians, lenders, etc. to get you from offer to closing.
  • They understand the COMPLEXITY of the transaction. Multiple forms, disclosures, signatures, and more are needed. We handle all that.
  • REALTORS® work for you!

Keep your home buying, home selling, or commercial property transaction simple by using a professional REALTOR®