March 09, 2023

EXCITING NEWS! NDAR is almost ready to roll out the Statewide Forms to you! As we prepare to offer these forms to our members in North Dakota, we wanted to give you some background.

In 2020, the NDAR Board of Directors created a Statewide Forms Task Force to investigate the possibility of creating statewide forms for North Dakota members. This task force, which included one representative from each local board, completed extensive research and recommended to the Board that the North Dakota Association of REALTORS® should create statewide forms.
Over the past three years, the Statewide Forms Task Force has partnered with an outside consultant, the WAV Group, and NDAR’s attorney, Casey Chapman, to create an extensive library of statewide forms. NDAR is excited to soon share the completed forms with you, where you as members will have ONE LANGUAGE and can act in the best interest of your clients while minimizing risk to yourself as practicing agents.
At this stage in the process, NDAR is working with Lone Wolf Technologies to upload these forms to TransactionDesk. This process is estimated to take 3-4 months and the launch date will occur when all the forms have been uploaded. Don't worry if you don't use TransactionDesk - you will be able to download the forms from the NDAR Members Only Portal.
In the meantime, watermarked versions of these forms will be distributed to Brokers in order to allow them time to familiarize themselves and their agents with the forms. These forms will be distributed to brokers soon, possibly as early as next week. NDAR is also working with attorney Casey Chapman to create and offer a course teaching these new forms to members (course dates TBD).
We could not be more excited to offer this benefit to our members. To see a list of all the benefits these forms offer, you can click below: 
Are you ready to raise the bar?  Are you ready to increase your risk management?  Are you ready to have ONE LANGUAGE? ONE UNDERSTANDING?
This is GREAT NEWS! Thank you to all those involved in the creation of these. Their work has helped push NDAR and its members forward. 
Nicole Schoeder, Badlands Board of REALTORS®
Tricia Schlosser, Bismarck-Mandan Board of REALTORS®
Amber Carlton, Fargo-Moorhead Area Association of REALTORS®
Phil Vanyo, Grand Forks Area Association of REALTORS®
Beth Keller, Jamestown Board of REALTORS®
Shari Anhorn, Minot Board of REALTORS®
Jill Lee, Williston Board of REALTORS®
NDAR's Statewide Forms Committee 
Kevin Fisher
2023 NDAR President