August 15, 2022

Now available to list in Flexmls. 

Office Exclusive listings (sometimes called pocket listings, FM-Realtors call Withhold Property Listing-Office Exclusive) will be visible only to the listing member and members of their office or company. These listings do not appear on other members’ hot sheets, and they are not sent out in subscription emails. Agents, who have access to view Office Exclusive listings, can share them with their clients, but not with other agents outside their office.
Office Exclusives can be shared by printing and/or emailing to the client, but are not accessible through the share links.
Office Exclusive will be a Yes/No option on a listing. It is not a status. Office Exclusive listings will follow the rules and workflow of existing statuses. For example, when Active, the Office Exclusive listing will expire when the expiration date is reached. Also, the Listing contract and the Withhold Property Listing form will need to be uploaded under the Listing Contract-REQUIRED in documents.
This will be available in all property types except Rentals.
When entering a listing with “no” selected, the agent cannot go back and change it to “yes” after the listing is active.
An Agent with an Office Exclusive can change it to “no” at any time by contacting your MLS staff, adding the Change Form and finishing the necessary listing fields.  Then, the listing will be seen by all, and will be on the Hotsheet as a New Listing. A signed Listing Change Form will need to be uploaded under Documents. Be sure to make it “has edit” for viewability.
Office Exclusive listings will remain exclusive after closing.
Office Exclusives cannot be located via the Quick Launch bar in FlexMLS. For members in the same office or company, the Office Exclusive listings will appear in regular listing searches with Quick Search.