March 15, 2023

At NAR’s Leadership Summit last year, President Amber Carlton and FMR CEO Marti Kaiser had the opportunity to listen to a compelling presentation by the Malouf Foundation where Elizabeth Smart shared her story of survival. NAR President Kenny Parcell brought the Malouf Foundation in to educate attendees about trafficking. He feels that our REALTOR® members are around so many people and in so many homes that it’s important that they recognize the signs of trafficking and what to do if they do spot something suspicious. 
President Amber and our Board of Directors have tasked the Professional Development Committee with spreading the word about OnWatch. The training link is below.  There are a series of training videos where different survivors share their stories to educate about combatting trafficking in America. The training consists of 10 modules and takes one hour to complete. You can step away and come back later and the system saves your progress.